Inside and Outside Legal Counsel Co-author Chapter on Budgeting, Controlling Legal Costs for Thomson Reuters Publication

CHICAGO, June 20, 2016  Bruce Meckler, Co-Founder and Chair of Legal Fee Solutions (LFS), and Kenneth Greisman, Senior VP, General Counsel and Secretary, Takeda Pharmaceuticals  U.S.A., Inc., are among the co-authors of a chapter on budgeting and controlling costs for the publication, “Successful Partnering between Inside and Outside Counsel.” The publication is a joint project between Thomson Reuters Westlaw and the Association of Corporate Counsel.

Meckler and Greisman co-authored the chapter along with Mari Henry Leigh, Co-Founder, Vice Chair & Managing Director of Legal Operations Consulting at LFS, George Kokkines, VP and Deputy General Counsel, Litigation and Compliance, Takeda Pharmaceuticals U.S.A., Inc.; and Stacey Dixon, Assistant General Counsel, Litigation, Takeda Pharmaceuticals U.S.A., Inc.

This authoritative work discusses the issues that inside and outside counsel often encounter in working together and offers practical ideas to prevent or resolve problems. Throughout the text over 150 attorneys, including over 80 general counsel attorneys, offer solid advice on everything from pre-engagement planning to post-engagement evaluation, with a focus on enhancing the quality of performance, improving outcomes and increasing cost effectiveness.

In their chapter on budgeting and controlling costs, the co-authors address financial collaboration between inside and outside counsel to meet operational and strategic objectives through the use of budget and cost controls. The chapter takes readers through the budgeting process including initial objectives, case law and statutes, cost controls, allocation of work between outside and inside counsel, and alternative fee arrangements, and provides checklists for budgeting and cost control.

As Co-Founder and Chair of Legal Fee Solutions, Bruce Meckler has testified more than 50 times as an attorney fee expert on behalf of clients in state, federal and international cases.  In addition, he has conducted or supervised hundreds of legal audits - involving in excess of $7 billion in legal fees.  Meckler has been consistently recognized by the National Association of Legal Fee Analysis (NALFA) as a leading expert in attorneys’ fees since NALFA’s inception. An active litigator, Meckler also co-manages the Chicago office of Cozen O’Connor and serves as vice chair of the firm’s Commercial Litigation Practice Group.

Kenneth Greisman currently is Senior Vice President, General Counsel, and Secretary for Takeda Pharmaceuticals International, Inc. and for Takeda Pharmaceuticals U.S.A., Inc. Both companies have their headquarters in Deerfield, Illinois, and are subsidiaries of Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Japan. In these roles, Mr. Greisman is a senior legal advisor to executives at numerous Takeda-group companies, is a member of the global legal leadership team, and leads a U.S.-based legal department.

In her role as Vice Chair & Managing Director of Legal Operations Consulting at LFS, Mari Henry Leigh provides managed and disputed attorney services to commercial, corporate, insurance and financial services clients as well as reasonable fee and legal cost allocation testimony on behalf of companies and high net-worth individuals that find themselves embroiled in prevailing party fee-shifting litigation or independent counsel reimbursement disputes. She also provides insurance, corporate and, specifically, pharmaceutical clients with comprehensive litigation management and legal operations services, including implementation of litigation strategies and prospective cost containment and cost recovery/reimbursement initiatives (including ESI-discovery initiatives) budgeting, predictive modeling and financial reporting on mass-tort, multi-jurisdictional litigation and other complex litigation.

George C. Kokkines is Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, Litigation and Compliance, at Takeda Pharmaceuticals U.S.A., Inc. In this role, Mr. Kokkines is responsible for managing Takeda's U.S. litigation, including mass tort, patent infringement, commercial and employment matters, as well as government investigations. He also has oversight responsibility for the legal compliance and privacy practice groups.

Stacey Dixon is Assistant General Counsel, Litigation at Takeda Pharmaceuticals U.S.A., Inc. She is responsible for advising her clients on liability exposure, business disputes and compliance issues, and for managing a significant portfolio of the company’s commercial, product liability (including, mass tort), employment and patent litigation, in addition to external government investigations and internal corporate investigations. She also manages litigation support staff.

Meckler and Leigh also credit their LFS colleagues David Brown, Senior Director, and Erica Dew Crowl, Director, for their support with research and development of this chapter.

For more information on the publication “Successful Partnering between Inside and Outside Counsel,” click here.  Chapters are also available for purchase by subscribers at Westlaw, by clicking here.

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