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  • Served as an integral part of State Department Legal Team* representing the United States in the International Court of Justice in The Hague in a 2012 arbitration between Iran and the United States over disputed attorneys’ fees related to the settlement of the Iran Hostage Crisis in 1979.
  • Expert witness in federal district court concerning major fee dispute over fees and expenses incurred in complex securities fraud, breach of fiduciary duty and commercial bribery defense.
  • Assisting in-house counsel of a global pharmaceutical company with management of a mass tort litigation involving more than 10,000 plaintiffs in actions pending in a federal MDL, two consolidated state court actions, a dozen other state court venues. Services include developing and enforcing staffing and billing guidelines; monitoring budgets for more than 100 law firms and vendors; negotiating hourly rate discounts, progressive fee discounts and alternative fee agreements; and assisting in-house staff with financial planning and reporting duties.
  • Examined fees relating to a media conglomerate’s four-year bankruptcy, one of the longest-running bankruptcies stemming from the recent financial crisis service. Evaluated $300 million in legal fees invoiced by 30 law firms and consultants, including debtor’s lead bankruptcy counsel, restructuring advisers and counsel for the unsecured creditors committee.
  • Expert witness in major fee dispute in state court. Underlying fees and expenses incurred in defense of antitrust, breach of contract and tortious interference claims.
  • Provided opinions to the United States Bankruptcy Court regarding the reasonableness and relatedness of approximately $120 million in attorneys’ fees and expenses incurred in adversary proceedings by a company in bankruptcy.
  • Served as a consulting neutral to resolve a dispute between a large privately held provider of business intelligence and outside counsel over the reasonableness of outside counsel fees in connection with a patent litigation. Specifically asked to review invoices concerning the preparation of a binding opinion to resolve the IP matter.
  • Served as a mediator to resolve a dispute between an insurance company and its insured over the reasonableness of fees charged by insured’s chosen defense counsel. LFS prepared a detailed opinion on reasonableness and opined on several fundamental coverage issues related to counsel selection.


* Served as attorneys in this matter.

Select Awards and Leadership Roles


·  Named one of the nation’s most experienced attorney fee experts by the National Association of Legal Fee Analysis

·  Serve on the Judicial Inquiry Board of Illinois, investigating judicial misconduct or incapacity

·  Former appointee to the Illinois Supreme Court’s Standing Committee on Professional Responsibility

·  Past chair of the Chicago Bar Association’s Professional Fees Committee

·  Former board member of the Claims and Litigation Management Alliance

·  Chancellor and Instructor of the Claims and Litigation Management Alliance’s Litigation Management Institute

·  Chair of the Audit Committee for the Claims and Litigation Management Alliance

·  Certified Claims and Litigation Management Professionals

·  Invited member of the Corporate Counsel Summit

·  Invited lecturer on fee reasonableness and litigation management

·  Frequent author and source in major media outlets

·  Co-author of the budgeting and controlling costs chapter in the multi-volume treatise, “Successful Partnering between Inside and Outside Counsel”

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