About Us

Legal Fee Solutions (LFS) is truly unique in its approach and capabilities. No other legal fee consultant in the country offers comparable legal sophistication, quantitative precision or institutional capacity.

Legal Sophistication.

LFS is the only firm where experienced attorneys, rather than non-lawyers or big data specialists, are entirely and exclusively responsible for legal fee analysis. This is a critical differentiator because the “reasonableness” of legal spend can only be properly assessed in reference to the underlying legal issues, relevant case law and standard procedures. LFS’s attorneys have a nuanced understanding of the law and legal practice, and the professional credibility to effectively engage legal counterparts.

Quantitative Analysis.

LFS employs trial-tested proprietary technology to conduct quantitative analyses of legal fees and expenses. The team itemizes legal spend using a unique coding system and proprietary database designed specifically for LFS. Attorneys then perform refined quantitative analyses and evaluate expenditures in light of client priorities, legal imperatives and market norms. Our grounded and substantiated recommendations are built to withstand close scrutiny by clients, outside counsel, opposing counsel and courts.

Specific Knowledge.

LFS attorneys are recognized as leading practitioners of legal fee jurisprudence. Our entire team is knowledgeable about the applicable Rules of Professional Conduct and relevant state and federal rulings addressing the “reasonableness” of legal fees, including the U.S. Supreme Court’s seminal opinion in Hensley v. Eckerhart.

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LFS is a consulting firm and does not practice law.

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